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Strange CME requirment


I have a customer asked if CME has such kind of features.

the customer has a list of numbers (let us say 1000 numbers), like 1-800-100-1000

the CME should dial the number automatically, and the CME should call one of the IP phone if the called number answered by a live agent.

e.g, the CME called 1-800-100-1000, and 1-800-100-1000 answered, however, go to the queue, if there is a live agent answered the call, the CME should re-direct the call to one of the IP phones.

and there is a 1000 numbers like 1-800-100-1000

thanks in advance for your answers

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Re: Strange CME requirment

And how the CME (or any other system by that matter) would know if the placed call is in queue, or answered by an agent ?

And even assuming the point above is resolved, how the system should schedule and retry calls to the 1,000 numbers? Where the list of number should be kept, how these would be maintained and excluded from be called if necessary ?

Looks like a lot of more details are needed to judge feasibility of such a feature.

Re: Strange CME requirment

IMO this is not something achievable by CME, unless you wrote a really awesome TCL, and even then I'm not sure it can do all this. Sounds like a CUAE application to me ;)

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