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Strange Fax Issue


I have a issue and this is between two companies. Company A and Company B.

Company A is using IPT with MGCP gateways.

The gateway has a PSTN E1 and also a E1 that connects to a Right Fax server.

Users have an application that faxes through the Right Fax Server.

There is also a VG224 with faxes configured and able to send and receive faxes.

Company B is using IPT with MGCP gateways.

This gateway has a PSTN E1.

There is also a VG224 with faxes configured and able to send and receive faxes.

Some users subscribe for a Fax to Email service from the Telco, where we have a IPT extension that forwards out to a specific PSTN number.

Example: A translation pattern that forwards Extension 1000 to an external number 9.12345678 with predot.

Within the two companies, the faxes, right fax server and the fax to email service all works perfectly without issues.

The only issue is when the users from Company A faxes from the Right Fax Server to the Company B's Fax to Email numbers 1000, which then forwards out.

There is no issues when:

- User A use the right fax to fax to the Company B's VG224 Fax machines and vice versa

- User A use the right fax to fax directly to the Telco number 12345678.

I captured the ISDN Q931 on both sides, there is no errors on both ends and is normal clearing when disconnected.
The only thing weird is that the Company B's gateway would Transmit a Disconnection Code.

It looks like some weird handshaking is not happening between the fax server and the fax to email number.

Anyone with any suggestions on how I can troubleshoot?


New Member

Re: Strange Fax Issue

Hello Eugene,

Small intro from my side, My name is Marco Hirschmann workin for OpenText as a Solution Consultant for Strategic Accounts such as Cisco. OpenText has the "RightFax" (OpenText Fax Server) where Cisco has Oem'd our product as Cisco Fax Server.

First to understand it completely you have a E1 connection to the RightFax Server, I assume you are aware that RightFax can also connect via T.38 to the GW or to the CUCM directly via a Siptrunk or a H.323 Gateway to reduce additional costs such as a E1. (We have a nice program in place at the moment , which end soon where you can trade in your E1 and replace it with a FoIP channels to have the option to get virtualisation or run it on a UCS server but anyway let's go back to the "problem")

Which version of RightFax do you have or did you purchage it from Cisco as Cisco Fax Server?

To resume the problem:

UserA which is located at Company A is sending a Fax to a extension 1000 (I assume you have the same routepatterns for this extension in both Company A + B then the number is reformated as 9.12345678 with predot?

Can you tell me where this incomming call is terminated? Would it also be possible to get a wireshark trace from the RightFax Server when you do this?

Also what would be usefull is to get the file called BTCALL.CFG which you can find in the RightFax folder when you do a search.

Just in case you have further questions related to RigthFax in a FoIP topology or in your example E1 configs you can also address these directly to UCFAX@OPENTEXT.COM where people can determine the best way to assist you for future opportunites.


Marco Hirschmann

Strategic Alliances Solution Consultant EMEA

Fax and Document Distribution Group

Open Text

Taurusavenue 15 (7th floor)

2132 LS  Hoofddorp

The Netherlands

One # reach

+31 (0) 651 507220


Web Site:

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