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Strange issue with Voice Gateway

Currently I have a Voice Gateway on one of my sites that connects to a PABX via E1 connection. The Voice Gateway is then connected to the WAN with connects it to other remote sites.

The Voice Gateway has VOIP dial-peers configured that were meant to forward voice traffic to other remote sites. However, it seems that when we try to dial those numbers, it is coming up with a 'congestion' message on the phone. Also when you do a show call active voice brief, the following is the result ..

39F3 : 27409 948401910ms.2 +-1 pid:100 Originate 100555 connecting

dur 00:00:00 tx:0/0 rx:0/0

IP SRTP: off rtt:0ms pl:0/0ms lost:0/0/0 delay:0/0/0ms g729r8 pre-ietf

media inactive detected:n media contrl rcvd:n/a timestamp:n/a

It keeps showing up as g729r8 pre-ietf even though I've not specified that in the configuration. Calls from other remote sites work with the same configuration.

Any ideas?

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Re: Strange issue with Voice Gateway


Put the following commands in your local interface of remote voice gateway

interface FastEthernet0/0 --> Local Interface

h323-gateway voip interface

h323-gateway voip bind srcaddr

Also put the following commands on remote voice gateway


voice call send-alert

voice call carrier capacity active

voice rtp send-recv


voice service voip

allow-connections h323 to h323


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Re: Strange issue with Voice Gateway

Is the phone with the message connected to a call manager? Congestion is a message that displays only when CAC has rejected the call.

Have you properly configured locations for your dial plan?

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Re: Strange issue with Voice Gateway

Issues have been fixed from the previous post. Thanks everyone for your help.

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