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New Member

STRANGE Problem with 7920 when calling a voicemail box (non unity)

Hello there,

I have come across a problem i have never seen before.

I have a call manager running 4.2(3) it is connected to a mitel PBX via a 2801 router over a PRI using QSIG. The voicemail for their system in on the mitel side.

All calls coming from call manager work fine. And all calls coming from the mitel work fine.

When a normal IP phone (7940) calls any phone that has a voicemail (Mitel or CM) it will ring the extension and go to the correct voicemail box.

When I use a 7920 Wireless phone with all the same phone and line settings as the 7940 phone i call the same extensions and it rolls to voicemail.. however it does not roll to the correct mailbox. Instead i get the general voicemail greeting for their system.

This only happens when calling from a 7920 phone. I have not been able to recreate the problem from a standard cisco IP phone.

I spoke with the Mitel people and they say when they receive a call from the 7920 phone they only see a trunk ID going into voicemail. Whereas the normal IP phone they see the 4 digit extension.

I am attaching a copy of a dubug isdn q931 for a regular phone and the wireless phone.

Has anyone ever seen this before


Re: STRANGE Problem with 7920 when calling a voicemail box (non

Hi, I can see at your debug you're sending the calling number at both cases (7920 and 7940), so I don't think the problem it's at your side.

Why don't you try change the extension of the 7920 and use the same extension that it has now the 7940? I mean, put to the 7920 the number 4975 and see if they are receiving it now or not.

Let me know if they see it or no.

New Member

Re: STRANGE Problem with 7920 when calling a voicemail box (non

Hi icabrera,

I tried that already. I used the same dn that is on a regular phone on the wireless and got the same results.

I did find a work around that might point this a bug.

I reprogrammed the 7920 as a 7960 and the problem goes away. So it looks like there is something wrong with the profile/config file of the 7920's in this version of CM.

I have tac looking to see if they have a bug on file and a fix.

First time i have ever seen anything like this.


Re: STRANGE Problem with 7920 when calling a voicemail box (non

It's really a very strange problem. Ask the Mitel people for a PBX SW version change, I had once a very strange problem too and we prepare a laboratory to test different versions at the gateway and at the PBX and finally the problem was solved changing the PBX version.

Please, let us know how is going the resolution of the problem.


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