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Strange Problem with CM 5.1

Dear all;

I have two CM servers 5.1 (Pub & Sub) with two sites each server in a site (clustering over the WAN); and I have two CM groups one for each site (CM_GRP_site1 Pub then Sub) and (CM_GRP_site2 Sub then Pub)

Today with no reason the numbers (DNs) at site 2 changed (a phone that was registered with 8000 now have 8004) and this happens to all the site phones just it has random strange numbers.

I changed the CM_GRP_site to to let he phones register with the publisher it works fine and have thier correct DNs again. When I change it back the DNs changes again!!

Any ideas?

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Re: Strange Problem with CM 5.1

Hi Ahmed,

This is just a shot in the dark here... but maybe the CCM in site 2 flipped to the inactive partition that has a older/different config for the phones/DN's?


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Re: Strange Problem with CM 5.1

Dear Rob;

That is exactly what came to my mind, espically that I havd did a SR ugrade before and has a partition with old configuration already.

People at the site also informed me that this problem happend from a month ago and they solved it by restrating the servers.

I will give it a try tomorrow and update you all soon.

Thanks Rob


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