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New Member

Strange Static while Listening to Voicemails

Hey All,

Here's a head scratcher...

CallManager:  version

Unity Connection:  version 8.0.3ES10.21900-10

I've been getting complaints out of only one of our branch locations of people hearing static while listening to voicemails on a specific voicemail box. From the information I'm gathering from them is that they will start to hear static when they click the button to begin listening to the voicemail, not during one of the prompts.

The strange thing is, that sometimes the static won't begin until they start listening to the 2nd voicemail in the inbox. Their original explaination was that they would dial the voicemail pilot number, click *, then they enter one of our customer support line's extension and enter the PIN. At the start of the complaint they said it would only begin happeneing when they began listening to the 2nd voicemail (*they said it would only happen if more then one voicemail was in the inbox). And this morning they said it happened again, but this time it started happening while listening to the 1st message in the inbox (*there were 3 messages).

Another strange thing is that the static doesn't always happen, but when it does, if they hang up and call back into the voicemail box the static will be gone. So I think we can rule out that it's comming from the incoming caller. I have not been able to hear the static myself so I'm not exactly sure what it sounds like, but they've said it gets to the point where it's so bad they can't even hear the messages over the sound of the static.

I had them test listening to the voicemails from multiple phones in that location and they heard the static on most of them, seemed somewhat random though since some did not hear static. Recently I had them leave a few test voicemails and they said they left 3 test voice messages in that inbox, and mid-way through the 2nd voicemail the static started up again. They then listened to the same messages from another phone in the same location and no static was heard.

Most Recent Update:

This morning, one of the agents of ours who checks these messages said she dialed into the voicemail-box and there were NO new messages. She began hearing the prompt "You have no new messages, to listen to old messages press 2", then she began hearing the static when the prompt said "press 2". So this is the first time I've heard from them, that the static was heard during a prompt.

So this just keeps getting stranger and stranger, and I'm kind of at a lose for what it could possibly be...

Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in Advance,


New Member

Strange Static while Listening to Voicemails

Yeah, just getting reports of this as well. In fact I just went in to listen too a message and had static on my voicemail. We thought it external, however, had variance in most of our testing. Seems to be 90% static only in Unity Connection voicemails. Does not seem to be when a call is active between these same two parties.

Recent change for us:

Moved from old HP MCS hardware and version 8.x of UC and its apps CM, Unity xConn, UCCX, and E911 on a multisite regional campus cluster.

Now we run on UCS B200 blades in a virtualized environment on VMware running version 9.x across all mentioned UC components and apps.

The problem did not exists in 8.x.

Are we sure this is not a bug? I am opening a TAC case ASAP as it was just reported to me this morning. Then I will hunt the bug lists.

Tom Harshman

General Electric

Telecomm Analyst.