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Stuck on "Ethernet Disconnect" startup screen

I have a lot of 7940Gs and for some reason about 10 out of the 100 we have cannot get past the startup screen. I have done the reset (## 123456789*0#...) but I still cant get past the screen. With the other phones I can simply press the "Settings" button and it advances to the next screen... If you have any information to help me resolve this issue it would be grealty appreciated.


Re: Stuck on "Ethernet Disconnect" startup screen

Which type of switch we are using?

Are we using power cubes or PoE?

If you swapped the IP Phone showing "Ethernet Disconnect" to a working switch port what happens?

Are the phones connected directly to a switch or they are using the building(s)


Which Firmware?

Let us know


New Member

Re: Stuck on "Ethernet Disconnect" startup screen

We are using only a powercord and that has worked on 90% of the phones, not sure why it is not working on these last few...

New Member

Re: Stuck on "Ethernet Disconnect" startup screen

Please check the cables connecting the IP Phones, there might be some issues for the IP Phones connectivity to CCM. Also, try resetting the switch ports.

These error messages mostly occur due to bad quality / poor punching of the patch panels.

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Re: Stuck on "Ethernet Disconnect" startup screen

How do I reset the switch ports? Like I said before all we are using is a power cube to power on the phones...Once the phone is powered on it gets stuck in the startup screen where it sais "ethernet disconnected" and there is a spinning cirlce. With the mjority of the phones I can just press the settings button and it gets me into the phone, however a select few are not cooperating. Thanks

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