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Sub Skill Group configuration..

I have a requirement wherein some of the agents needs to be assigned as Secondary Skill Group members for an ICM script. their primary roles would be to answer calls from the Primary Skill Group and to answer calls of Secondary Skill Group only when the calls are in queue. Kindly suggest how to go about it ??

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Re: Sub Skill Group configuration..


I have done this very thing. First, we need to know what method you are using for resource selection in the skill group.

In our scenario, we have 5 resource skills assigned to 1 resource group. One agent is our expert in each group. The other other agents also possess the skill, but at a lesser weight. The CSQ is configured to select based on most skilled.

If you needed a 2-group scenario, the script could be used to dequeue a caller, assign a different CSQ (using the Set command and a variable for CSQ). You would then requeue the call in the new csq.

Hope this helps.


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