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Subscriber CUCM lost ip address after reboot

Hey guys!!

I have been working with 2 UCS servers and I have a environment working properly with:

UCS A : 1 Publisher ( + 1 Subscriber (

UCS B: 1 Subscriber ( + 1 Subscriber (

I have turned off all machines, than I turned off the UCS servers to realocate that.

But when I turned all systems on my subscriber lost the ip address, mask and default gw.

Can I delete this server of the CUCM publisher and configure the ipddress via cli command?


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Subscriber CUCM lost ip address after reboot

That is very interesting, never heard of it. Can you post "show network eth0"?

You should be able to add the IP back in via CLI just fine.



Subscriber CUCM lost ip address after reboot

I've seen this problem before due to an IP Conflict.  When CUCM reboots and sees an IP Conflict, it will show the IP Address as blank.  Proxy-arp can also cause this issue as CUCM will see the response and think the address is already alive.

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Subscriber CUCM lost ip address after reboot


Just as Chris mentioned, you should be able to add the IP back, however dont delete the server from the publisher!

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Subscriber CUCM lost ip address after reboot

Hey guys!!

I´m gonna eliminate the last one machine and I will create a unique group with 3 machines:

2 machines on UCS A and 1 Machine on UCS B.


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I'm facing this same issue

I'm facing this same issue where the Sub lost the mac (arp) when the server is rebooted.

A temporary solution every time we reboot the Sub is to set manually "utils network arp set ....",

I appreciate if you could share your solution about this case. Thanks!

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Hi guys

Hi guys

We just been facing absolutely similar issue on our PUB after the upgrade to 10.5.2-13900. So the successful upgrade I switched version on the PUB and it comes up with absolutely NO network configuration after rebooting. We tried assign IP manually, reset cucm, revert back to the old version, NO luck. We opened a TAC P1 and tac engineer found this: 

CUCM/CUPS 10.5: After reboot 'eth0' failed to activate

Resolution is shutdown all the VMs on the host and upgrade the ESXI.

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[+5] for sharing the

[+5] for sharing the resolution.



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Thanks for sharing this

Thanks for sharing this solution. It just happened to me on my SUB today (2016-04-24) with an little older version of CCM than the one you have 10.5.2-11900. I mentioned this to the TAC and referenced the same case you have here but because I have ESXi 5.5, I was told it doesn't apply.

What version of ESXi suffered this issue? the case you mentioned talks about either installing a patch, or adjust some settings and then reboot the HOST; you mentioned upgrading ESXi.  To which version you upgraded?

Thanks again for sharing.

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It's actually was a very

It's actually was a very small upgrade from 10.5.1 to 10.5.2 :)

I can't remember what the version and patch of the ESXI it  was, but our we updated to 5.1.0-1483097.

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