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Sudden loss of dial tone without loss of line?

I have a SIP which had been working fine for about a month or two. Suddenly the line stopped working at the phone end. Curiously it still registers on the VoIP network, rings and seems to accept incoming calls so I suspect some setting which has changed in the router which is preventing the phone from seeing a line (or my hearing a dial tone)

I am pretty sure I haven't changed anything. Does anyone know where to look to cure this problem please? Obviously I dont have a Sipura Administators guide


Re: Sudden loss of dial tone without loss of line?

What CallManager version are you using? Which IP Phone are you using?

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Re: Sudden loss of dial tone without loss of line?

I am not using a call manager, nor an IP Phone: I couldnt get the WIP300 working with my VoIP provider so I switched to a Sipura device which worked for a month or so but has now somehow managed to get the settings corrupted:

As I said, it can receive calls in that the (normal land line) phone rings, though i cant pick up as there is no line there when I do. And when I pick up the handset, there is no line there:

For a while I could call into my VoIP line with a land line but now the VoIP service just switches to voice mail without ringing. I suspect the line has become de-registered on the network but I can probably fix that if I can identify which Sipura setting is causing the line not to give a dial tone when I pick up.

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