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T.37 Off-ramp. Delivery notification from Fax

With a T.37 off-ramp Gateway configuration, with a G3 fax at the receiving end; Is it possible to get status delivery notification when the fax has been delivered to the faxmachine? (In the documentation I only read about MDN messages when the receiving end is email with fax attachment).


Re: T.37 Off-ramp. Delivery notification from Fax

In case of Off-ramp, Delivery Status Notification (DSN) is requested by the e-mail client. The off-ramp gateway generates the DSN response when it receives a request as part of the fax-mail message. DSNs is only generated if the mail client on the SMTP server is capable of replying to a DSN request.

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Re: T.37 Off-ramp. Delivery notification from Fax

Hi I Villegas,

Thanks for the reply. I have read the documentation but it is still not clear to me if the receiving G3-fax device can sent back a status notification to the email client.

In the documantation I only read about the e-mail message, sent by the SMTP server, notifying the sender of the status of the e-mail message (in stead of a message generated by the fax).

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