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T1 and PRI on different carriers causing slips

I have 2 T1 in the same VWIC and a PRI in a different one.  The providers are 2 different carries.

I have the clock source as line on all, and the network clock select set to the PRI.

I receive slips on the data T1s and the PRI is clean.  If i set the network clock select to be the data T1, then the opposite is true and the PRI experiences slips.

I have tried several combinations of clocking and nothing is working.

Anyone have any exposure to this scenario?



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Re: T1 and PRI on different carriers causing slips

Independent clocking is supported for data, but not for voice. You will need a separate VWIC card.

Hope this helps.


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Re: T1 and PRI on different carriers causing slips

Hi Brandon,

Thank you very much, i have seen this link however and it didnt offer much help.

Independant clocking applies to data lines in the same card, and helps for multiple carriers, however, we circumvented this by placing the PRI in another card.  In theory, this should have resolved it, but did not.

By removing the data lines from particpating in the network clock should have been the fix, but thats not the case, and there are still errors.

In another device, same problem, removing the network-clock-participate from the data lines cause the multilink to go down.

It almost seems that even thought the devices are removed from using the network clock, they continue to do so anyway...


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