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T1/E1 PRI card


I just installed a cisco T1 PRI card into my router (cisco 2821) that has CME running on it.

I'm trying to configure it in order to be able to make incoming and outgoing calls to the PSTN network. I've never done this before and the online sources are confusing me. Could you please help me with that?

I would like to have any internal phone able to make and receive calls from/To the PSTN newtork.

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Re: T1/E1 PRI card

Are you connected to telco and confirmed circuit is working ?

Where are you located ?

How your extensions numbers looks like ?

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Re: T1/E1 PRI card

Yes i just got a channelized T1 line from AT&T.

The CME is in Atlanta, GA

Actually i have 2 routers, the first one handles all phones that have 1.. as extensions and the second one handles phones that have [2345].. as extensions.

Both routers are integrated and they talk to each other. The T1 card is installed in the first router

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Re: T1/E1 PRI card

Do you have PRI or CAS ? Ask telco. PRI is always preferred.

In either case, ask how may DID digits are they delivering.

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Re: T1/E1 PRI card

it's a PRI.

Assigned Direct Inward Dial (DID) Numbers: 1-YYY-YYY-YXXX where Y represents fixed numbers and X can be any number.

I'm still waiting to get the exact number, but i'm pretty sure from the last 3 variable extensions

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Re: T1/E1 PRI card

Usually in the US they send only the DID digits or maybe 4 digits, but check with telco to be sure.

Then it's a matter of how do you want XXX to map to your extensions then you are ready to configure a translation profile and rule.

Also check if you want to call local as 9-yyy-yyyy or if there are strange lata overlaps/billing issues that prevents you this.

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Re: T1/E1 PRI card

you were right about the DID digits. It's just the DID digits.

we want to use local as 9-yyy-yyyy.

regarding the second question, it doesn't really matter for us.

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Re: T1/E1 PRI card

How do you want to map yyy to 1.. and [2345].. ? See, in telephony ultimately it's all about numbers.

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Re: T1/E1 PRI card

I didn't really understand your question. As i said before i have for example extensions 104, 105, ... on CME1 and extenstions 204, 330, 418, 503.... on CME2. What do you mean by mapping these extensions? could you give me an example?

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Re: T1/E1 PRI card

Seem like you have direct mapping.

Just configure the default pri, you will be able to make and receive calls.

controller t1 x/y/0


network-clock-participate wic x

network-clock-select 1 t1 x/y/0

dial-peer voice 1 pots


dial-peer voice 9 pots

port x/y/0:23

destination-pattern 9T

Then there are many many refinements that you can need.

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