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T1 PRI question on 3745

First a little history on what I am trying to accomplish. I have a 3745 router with a T1 PRI connection (soon to be 2 T1s). As calls hit this gateway they can be routed to our call manager or a non-cisco IVR box. Call Manager can also send the calls to Unity or IPCC servers. I am trying to find a way to historically view all of my incoming and outgoing traffic. IPCC historical reports let's me see only extension that it uses. Unity doesn't see all incoming or outgoing calls and the IVR only sees incoming calls.

The only point in my network that all calls must traverse is the gateway. I know I can use 'show call active voice compact' and 'show voice call summary' to help view currently connected calls.

Is there a way to have call statistics sent to a server to be viewed and assembled into usable report information? Has anyone written or seen an app or script, possibly from CRS, that might help me assemble the data?

I appreciate any help and will rate helpful posts. If I come across an answer to my question I will post a reply to myself in case anyone else is interested. Also if I am completely missing something please say so.

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Re: T1 PRI question on 3745

CallManager has a built in CDR system that will give you basic call record information from your CCM. All calls have to be processed through CCM before they go to IPCC or Unity. So they will be tracked in the CDR reports. As for your non-cisco IVR and routing calls, you are saying you have a routing table in the router to route calls between CCM and the IVR? Or will CCM route the calls to the appropiate gateway which the IVR is connected to?

Unity has reports that can spit out call volume and port usage on it's own. It's more for port utilization. If you had 16 ports in Unity, x amount of calls in 60 minutes, it can then calculate and show a graph of the utilization for that duration.

hope this helps.

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Re: T1 PRI question on 3745

I could be confused on the call routing for the IVR. It was all set up before I started working for this company and I have only been trying to troubleshoot certain issues.

I will see what I can find out from CDR but I am running into a problem with the application. I had installed it last year and it appears to be active in the CCM services list. When I log into the CDR Analysis and Reporting and try to run some fo the reports I get the message saying there is no data or I see the message "30023: Data is not available for the date range selected. Data is available only from Jan1, 1970 to Aug 11, 2006.

I will have to search on how to use this app but if you have a quick tip on how to get started it would be appreciated.

Re: T1 PRI question on 3745

So you can't run CDR reports for today for example. Try and run a report just for the dates shown above to see if you get what you want. After that, then you can adjust to make sure it is gathering all the call record logs. If Aug 11 is the last date, something is not running correctly on it, or a service has stopped.

If you want more detailed reporting and possible easier way of looking at this, there are a number of 3rd party applications that grab the CDR records from CCM and compile them into their own SQL database for processing. The CDR in CCM is pretty basic, sometimes too much information.

WinCall and CommView are two off the top of my head. If your management requires detailed reporting and traffic analyization, then a 3rd party tool is the way to go.

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Re: T1 PRI question on 3745

I tried running the report for the time period it suggested. In the date options it only allows be to choose 2007 or 2006 nothing prior. When I choose from Feb 06 to Aug 06 everything comes back with zeroes.

I was reading one description of the service that says the database overwrites itself as new data is pushed. Maybe the time frame for keeping old data is not set properly. I looked in the enterprise parameters of the CCMAdmin and all the defaults are being used. But I don't see a setting about how old to keep data. I am going to try and have it write to flat file for a few minutes to see if anything is written

Thanks for the tip on the outside application. I will look into them.

Re: T1 PRI question on 3745

The CDR is very picky I have found about what services are started, when it keeps records and for how long. And then when try to run a report, if you don't follow the procedure correctly on "how" to run, it fails.

Try to pull a report on just one extension and see if you get any data.

Might want to review this section to make sure it is setup correctly.


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