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T1x2 with 1751v


Looking to setup a remote office with fewer than 20 people that'll use our CCM's accross a full T1. Also setting them up with a T1/PRI for voice.

I'm hoping to accomplish all of this by using just a 1751v router.

Anyone know if putting both a full T1 for a data and a PRI in the same device will create to much overhead and lead to problems.. that's really my only concern.

Router currently has 64MB RAM and 32MB Flash, if it matters at all.

Thanks for any advice or recommedations!

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Re: T1x2 with 1751v

I think your biggest problem will be lack of DSP resources to support the T1's.

I dont think the 1751 will support all 24 channels on two t1's, you might get away with only using 12 channels on each card but not sure.


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Re: T1x2 with 1751v

yea, that's my plan. Just use 12 channels on the voice card.

Even if I bump up the DSP to 4, to support all 24 channels on the VWIC card, that doesn't affected my other T1 that isn't voice right? It's all data. (carries VoIP of course though)

Also, assume I don't bump the DSP's to 4 and leave it at two. That gives me support for 12 channels. I'd configure the controller and voice-port to only support the 12, but does that mean there's a possibility that the telco could send calls down 12 other channels that are actually dead? Or would they all still filter into the active channels?

I'll probably just up the DSP..

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