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Tail-End-Hop-Off (TollbyPass) redundancy issue

We recently configured our CallManager 4.1.3 with route patterns to utilize tollbypass in our remote facilities around the US. If our wan link goes down because of power or other issue other offices cannot dial the number programed. Our route patterns consists of all local prefixes for example 91757.325XXXX and PreDot discard digit. The route pattern uses the remote office local gateway to send the call as a local call. Thus we save long distances charges calling locations that are local to the remote office.

Anyone have any ideas on how to allow the call to go to the local gateway at the remote office but if the wan is down use the corporate long distance lines?

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-Todd B

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Re: Tail-End-Hop-Off (TollbyPass) redundancy issue


This can be achieved by creating 2 Route groups. The first RG will have the Remote office gateway and the 2nd will have the Local gateway.

You will then create a RL, and ssign both RGs to the route list with the Remote office RG been the first in the list.

Finally, you will need to perform digit manipulation for the Local office RG. You will need to add the required prefix on the RG to make a long distance 91757. This way when the local gateway is used, the call will be dialled as 91757325XXX and when the remote office is used it will be dialled as a local call...325XXXX

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