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TAPI 3rd Party Call Control Tutorials?

Hello, I'm completely new to TAPI and I'd appreciate some hints as to where I should focus my attention when reading through the various weighty reference manuals!

Here's my starting-point: my employer uses Cisco Call Manager 4.2 for VoIP. Each employee has a PC and a (separate) telephone on his desk: the telephone is not connected to the PC, but is connected to the network.

My task is to develop an application to run on each user's PC which enables the user to select a telephone number from a directory (this much I can do by myself) and then click a button to dial the number. Now here's the rub: the call should be set up such that the user's telephone (not the PC) is used to communicate with the other party.

I've found sample code enabling the user to make a call to another extension via the PC itself (presumably using a headset) but I haven't found much help for using the PC to initiate the call via the user's telephone. I believe this is called 3rd Party Call Control (3PCC).

Are there any good tutorials on this scenario? The reference guides mention 3PCC here and there, but I still haven't a clue which TAPI functions I should  be calling and in which order.

Any help much appreciated.

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