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TCL IVR Problems with "media play"

I have a tcl Script for an app_debitcard for the IVR application running over a Cisco router 3660 with a billing server that's communicate over the radius protocol.

The documents that best describes this sort of application is TCL IVR Version 2.0. Programming Guide.pdf from

I have modified the command for playing the currency and money amount because I need it to play other currency then and

The new command is :

media play leg_incoming %n$x %n$y %s1000

media play leg_incoming %n$x %n$y %s1000

From the initial command :

media play leg_incoming %a$amt %s1000

I have changed the %a with %n in the option of the media play.

My problem in this moment is that in this moment the voice is reading numbers digit by digit meaning :

" you have one zero dollars" instead of "you have ten dollars".

Do you have any ideea how can I change this and play it into the colloquial mode as "you have ten dollars" ?

All the options available for media play command are :

media play leg_incoming $audio_file

Usage Notes

?If a prompt is already playing when the media play command is issued, the first prompt is terminated and the second prompt is played.

?The media play command takes a list of URLs or prompts and plays them in sequence to form a single prompt. The individual components of the

prompt can be full URLs or Text-to-Speech (TTS) notations. The possible components of the prompt are as follows:

?URL?The location of an audio file. The URL must contain a colon. Otherwise, the code treats it as a file name, and adds .au to the location.

? name of an audio file. The currently active language and the audio file location values are appended to the The

filename cannot contain

a colon, or it is treated as a URL.

?%anum?A monetary amount (in US cents). If you specify 123, the value is $1.23. The maximum value is 99999999 for $999,999.99.

?%tnum?Time (in seconds). The maximum value is 999999999 for 277,777 hours 46 minutes and 39 seconds.

?%dday_time?Day of week and time of day. The format is DHHMM, where D is the day of week and 1=Monday, 7=Sunday. For example, %d52147 plays

"Friday, 9:47 PM."

?%stime?Amount of play silence (in ms).

?%pnum?Plays a phone number. The maximum number of digits is 64. This does not insert any text, such as "the number is," but it does put pauses between groups of numbers. It assumes groupings as used in common numbering plans. For example, 18059613641 is read as 1 805 961 3641. The pauses between the groupings are 500 ms.

?%nnum?Plays a string of digits without pauses.

?%iid?Plays an announcement. The id must be two digits. The digits can be any character except a period (.). The URL for the announcement is created as with _announce_<id>.au, and appending language and au location fields.

?%clanguage-index?Language to be used for the rest of the prompt. This changes the language for the rest of the prompts in the current media play command. It does not change the language for the next media play command, nor does it change the active language.

Thank you and waiting for your help !!

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