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TCL script digit manipulation on a CUBE


I have two cases to manipulate digits on a dial-peer on a IOS cube:


eq. 35400 -> 5400

this case is simple, I can use translation rules on the dial-peer.


eq. 48600 -> 5400

I have a lot of numbers to translate in an other number don't followed any rules. Here I can't use the voice translation rules to do this. Now, I want to create a TCL script to translate this called numbers.

draft config:

voice translation-rule 1
 rule 1 /^.\(....\)$/ /\1/

voice translation-profile 5to4digits

translate called 1

dial-peer voice 100 voip

description *** INCOMING from Avaya side dial-peer ***

translation-profile outgoing 5to4digits

incoming called-number .

session protocol sipv2

destination-pattern [3-4]....

voice-class sip bind control source <IP Add. Avaya>

voice-class sip bind media source <IP Add. Avaya>

service digit_manipulation

dial-peer voice 3001 voip

description *** OUTGOING to CUCM ***

destination-pattern ....

session protocol sipv2

session target ipv4:<CUCM>

voice-class codec 1 

dtmf-relay rtp-nte

no vad

*do you have a tcl example scrip with similar digit manipulation?

*what is first executed, the translation rule or the tcl script?

*can I bind the dial-peer on the source ip adress of the avaya pbx, I just want to manipulate digit if it is coming from avaya and I have other dial peers matching to the 5-digits?

Thanks a lot for all the hints!

Best regards,


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Re: TCL script digit manipulation on a CUBE

Writing TCL(IVR scripts is not so easy, you can judge by yourself:

You can send further questions on the matter to, TCL/IVR forum.


Re: TCL script digit manipulation on a CUBE

Can't you just do is in cucm?

Put a special CSS on the trunk that handles the incoming calls from the cube and put in all translations you need.



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