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TEHO and Route Filters

I have a situation where I have configured TEHO or least cost routing for a customer who is running UCM 7.13.   They have 4 PRIs in different Local Calling Areas.  One is even in a different area code.   I setup route filters for each PRI that matched the area code and office code that is a local call to that PRI.

I then have 9.@ route patterns that have one of these route filters used.  I also have a 9.@ pattern with a long distance route filter defined as long distance direct dial exists, and area code exists.

The problem I am having is that some of the calls for the office codes that I have defined in the TEHO route filters are being ignored and routed as LD calls.

What I have determined is that when I create an office code pattern in a route filter clause as 32[0125789], not all the numbers in the [ ] will match.

If the office code to be matched is 328, it is ignored, and sent as a LD call. But 325 would match, and the call is routed out a local gateway.

I split that office code string into 2 clauses and the calls are routed normally.  I split 32[0125789] into 32[0125] and 32[789].

The issue is that there are alot of other clauses like this one and will necessitate more route filters being created. 

Has anyone else run into this issue?   Is this a bug or a known limitation.   I have not found anything under the route filter configuration guides about this.


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Re: TEHO and Route Filters

Without having the entire picutre of your configuration, i.e. CSS/PT conifg, Route Patterns it is difficult to tell if there is somthing else going on, but from what you are describing it sounds like a bug. What is Dialed Number Analyzer showing for this call?


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