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Telco objective quality parameters for POTS line/FXO port

Is there any published acceptible range of values for POTS lines coming into an FXO port? We are occassionaly bumping heads with carrier that says their line is fine although we see low volume, etc. POTS subjective testing is obviously very effective with analog handset if someone is onsite to verify but we don't always have the luxery of onsite personnel. Is there some set of parameters the telco must meet at the PSTN demarc? Any published values the FXO port should see? Thanks!

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Re: Telco objective quality parameters for POTS line/FXO port

Yes, I recall there are telcordia docs for this, and should not be difficult to find by abstract which ones. If you are debating with telco, I can think that it may be enough to mention "the relevant telcordia standards" and see what they do. And if you can replicate low volume, you can say something like you have measured the decibels and ... etc. If they take the customer seriously they will react. For them, sometime it's easy as switching pairs on the binder group, not all wires are created equal.

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