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Telco requires local area code

my telco is requiring that we provide the area code on our outbound local call routing. There are a few local numbers that for some reason require the area code from the calling party in order to complete the call. This is not true of all locals calls, just some specific prefixes. I thought this was very odd because the local prefixes are routed by the same telco I get my PRI service from.

I want to request that the telco add the area code for all calls on our PRI. Otherwise, I will have to find some way of providing the area code for all outbound calls.

So, is it normal for my local telco to request I add the local area code for my outbound local calling? Or, should they be providing the area code since the calls are originating on a PRI they are providing?


Re: Telco requires local area code

I have seen that some Telcos require this to route the calls properly, they should have the ability to re-write the Calling Party number, but anyways we can do it at RoutePattern, Route List or GW level in CCM.

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Re: Telco requires local area code

what I find very odd is not all local calls require the area code from calling number, just a few. This tells me the telco has their equipment configured to require the area code and should be prepending the area code from known local customers.

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