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Thanks Paolo!

Hi Paolo,

I wanted to be the first to congratulate you on reaching this new milestone! I also wanted to say thanks for your awesome participation here on the Forums. You have added a great deal of wisdom and excellent help for many others to share.

All the best!



Re: Thanks Paolo!


I second Rob's statement. Good job!! Congrats on reaching 10002.

Cisco Employee

Re: Thanks Paolo!


Congrats!!! great achievement, hopefully one day i'll be able to reach those great numbers haha




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Re: Thanks Paolo!


Congratulations on reaching a great milestone!! Maybe I will reach there in about 10yrs or so. Anyhow, you are a great contributor to this forum, and many of the solutions that you have posted have been of great help to myself, as well as others.

Keep up the good work!!!

Hall of Fame Super Gold

Re: Thanks Paolo!

Thank you fellows for the appreciation. Being able to help someone stuck is always rewarding, and I'll try to do that as long as possible.



Re: Thanks Paolo!

When I see a question about CME or Gateways, i know you would be the best one in this forum to answer it. Keep the good work going paolo.

Thank you.

Community Member

Re: Thanks Paolo!

You have saved my ass on a number of occasions so I have to add a big congrats!


Re: Thanks Paolo!

Paulo, I also would like to extend congratulations to you on this significant achievement. I know that once you become involved in a thread, resolution is near. Thanks for the dedication that you have put in to help so, so, many. Your 2 cents is always welcome!

Community Member

Re: Thanks Paolo!

Thanks a ton for all that you have done for us Paolo all these years...


Community Member

Re: Thanks Paolo!


Thought experts are talking here so post my question here as well.

Need your help. We have Unity Connection 2.1 installed at our HQ with CCM6.1 and Unity Express with CCME installed at one of our remote sites. We are planning to convert CCME to SRST and register all remote site users to the central cluster of CCM6.1 so that all remote site users can get access to the CCM 6.1 featureset. In addition, we are also planning to put all remote site voice mail users on Unity Connection 2.1 server instead of separate Unity Express module. So here is my question, I have been asked if we could use Unity Connection 2.1 as a Primary voice mail solution for the remote site users and use unity express with SRST as a secondary solution, should the WAN link between HQ and remote site is down.

I have never come across this kinda situation or configuration so if there is any document available explaining the scenario i.e. how to configure unity connection and express in primary/secondary mode, what key points needs to be considered , any additional licences required to make them working in primary/secondary mode, etc would be a great help.


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