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Time of Day Routing or Multiple Hunt Groups Idea

Not sure exactly how to give an accurate title.

Here is what I am trying to accomplish.

I have 3 Operations Support people who will be oncall for 7 days each. I am trying to figure out a way to set up a number that will be for the group to use.

For example, we maintain 100+ sites and when the T-1 goes down the carrier is suppose to call out operations department. We have given out one number for them to call 24x7.

Here is what I have tested so far:

Create Time Periods for all times, Business Hours, After Hours, Holiday

Then created Time Schedules

Then created Partition

Then created CSS

To test this I placed a new call in number on my phone and verified everything working as it should with Time Of Day Routing.

Then I needed a way to set this up for 3 people so I created a hunt group.

This is where I lose it.

I created 2 Line Groups for the separate backend hunt numbers for 2 users (I know I said 3 people but only testing with 2 for now).

TOD_Group1_LG has 86700010 - this Line Group is set to skip remaining members and go directly to next group if not available

TOD_Group2_LG has 86700011

Then built one hunt list


Then created 1 hunt pilot number

867450 - Hunt List is TOD_Group_HL

For the hunt forward settings I checked the box to use personal preferences.

Here is my question.

For each dn I created for the phone I have that specific persons cell add for Call Forward ALL and the correct CSS.

When I log out of one phone and dial it does route the way it is suppose to but then goes to fast busy.

I am not sure of a way to accomplish this.

Here is what I am trying to do.

Three users: (cell)




Support line:


When calling this line I need it to be able to reach one of the cell lines based on availability which will be a manual process of the user logging in and out of the hunt group, this is the only way I can see it working.

Unless there is another way of doing this?

My TOD is set up for:

Business Hours

8:00 to 17:00 Mon-Fri

After Hours

17:00 to 2400 Mon-Fri

After Hours

0:00 to 8:00

Then I specified Holidays with exact dates.


Re: Time of Day Routing or Multiple Hunt Groups Idea

The reason this isn't working is that the call forwarding rules of a DN is ignored by the hunt group. The "Use Personal Preference" only comes into play if the hunt pilot was dialed via a forwarding number. For example a CTI Port or Route Point. Then it will use its forwarding rules "No Coverage" to send the call to another destination.

I do not know what version you are running, but you might be able to accomplish this via "Single Number Reach" application. I would suggest looking at it and see if you can come up with a solution.

Re: Time of Day Routing or Multiple Hunt Groups Idea


I always find timed partitions a little clunky so I generally use Contact Center Express to do this.

I use two scripts - one which is triggered by calls to the helpdesk and one which is used by the agents to control call routing.

The first script accepts the call, checks against a list of holidays in an XML file. If it not a holiday the script checks the day of week and time of day.

Eventually the call will be routed to either an "open for business" branch which would ring the hunt pilot for the helpdesk or a "closed for business" branch which would transfer the call to the on-call agent by reading the contents of an XML file containing their cell number.

The second script is used by the agents to control the contents of the XML file containing the cell number used by the first script.

When an agent calls the second script they are prompted for a pin and given a couple of options.

1. Check on call number - if they choose this the system will read the number out to them.

2. Change on-call number - this gives two options.

1. Set on call number to that of the device from which you are calling (uses Get Call Contact info step to get calling number).

2. Manually enter on call number using the telephone key pad.

Customers seem to like the flexibility of this type of system. Obviously you need Contact Center Express which you may not have deployed. However, most CallManager releases over the past few years have come with a 5 seat license for CCX free of charge. You would however need to buy a server (7816 at $4000 list would be fine and the OS for CCX which costs $2995 list).

If you have Unity Connection it might also be worth looking a Personal Call Transfer Rules to see if they could solve your problem. Mobile Connect as suggested by the previous poster may also be helpful.

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