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time of day

unified express ver 4.1 I have 3 numbers coming in from pstn, 2 of these will only be answered between hours of 09:00 - midday and after that will go straight to voicemail. the 3rd number will be answered during ofice hours and then voicemail OOH. Is there a way of doing some kind of time of day routing within Express?

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Re: time of day

Hi David,

Maybe this CME feature would work for you;

call-forward night-service

To automatically forward calls to another number during night-service hours, use the call-forward night-service command in ephone-dn or ephone-dn-template configuration mode. To disable automatic call forwarding during night service, use the no form of this command.

call-forward night-service target-number

no call-forward night-service

Night-service hours are defined using the night-service date and night-service day commands.

An ephone-dn can have all four types of call forwarding defined at the same time: all-calls, no-answer, busy, and night-service. Each type of call forwarding can have a different forwarding destination defined in its target-number argument. If more than one type of call forwarding is in effect (is active) at one time, the precedence order for evaluating the different types is as follows:

1. call forward night-service

2. call forward all

3. call forward busy and call forward no answer

If you use an ephone-dn template to apply a command to an ephone-dn and you also use the same command in ephone-dn configuration mode for the same ephone-dn, the value that you set in ephone-dn configuration mode has priority.


The following example establishes night-service hours from 1 p.m. Saturday until 8 a.m. Monday. During that time, calls to extension 1000 (ephone-dn 1) are forwarded to extension 2346.


night-service day sat 13:00 12:00

night-service day sun 12:00 08:00

night-service code *1234

From this good doc;

Hope this helps!


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Re: time of day

many thanks, Rob

My problem is, that I need to define two different time periods and in telephony-service it loooks like you can only define 1. I need to do from midday to next morning at 09:00 and another time period of 17:00 - 09:00.

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