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Time Restrictions in the IP phones

Hi all,

I am trying to set up some public phones in a site and would like to explore if it is possible to restrict the time of a connected call. This is to prevent users from making calls for too long a period.

Example, a user goes to the IP phone and makes a call. After 10 minutes, the call is forced to drop and another user can use the IP phone next.

Is there any available Cisco feature or 3rd party that has this?

Thanks in advance!



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Re: Time Restrictions in the IP phones



Re: Time Restrictions in the IP phones

Hi Eugene,

I am really not aware if there is any such configuration parameter on CCM.

However I guess extension mobility can be used for this purpose.

You can have a profile configured with a generic user name and password for ex - guest, 1234.

Whenever a person is required to make a call, user will go to the public phone and login using this username and password. You can configure Maximum Login Time for Extension mobility to 10 minutes, after which the user will be logged out of the phone.

Not sure if an ongoing call would be disconnected. May be you'll have to check this in your lab or wait for other suggestions.

-> Sushil

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Re: Time Restrictions in the IP phones

This is an interesting idea, but if remember correctly. An ongoing call would not be disconnected.



Re: Time Restrictions in the IP phones

Hi Eugene,

I had a blurred memory of this and was not sure.

Anyway this option can not be used.

If at all there is no solution for this I have another suggestion - Why not use TCL script on a router and reset the switch interface on which oublic ip phones are connected every 10 minutes.

I am not very well versed with TCL scripting but it should be possible to execute certain commands on the router periodically.

So first a telnet session will be initiated to the switch and then shut, no shut specific switch interfaces every 10 mins or something of that sort.

While typing this response I am laughing how this came in my mind and not sure if it would be feasible for you.

-> Sushil

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