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Toll Bypass using "Redirecting Number"

We have quite a few sites with various PSTN access types, but we want to be able to send all of out LD calls out one particualar carrier (Cheaper LD). I can accomplish this by just sending the call out presenting a one of our unused numbers for that carrier, but I want to present the end users DID as the calling number. The only way to accomplish this is to send a legit redirecting number. I'm pretty sure this can be done on the Gatway, but I'd like to do it within call manager.

LD Carrier are on PRIs utilizing Cisco 2821 H.323 GWs. Call manager is 8.6

Your assistance is much appriciated.


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Toll Bypass using "Redirecting Number"

If you are in the US, and if have PRI, you do not need to send a redirecting number. Telco will accept any calling number, and present it to the called party. It's an ideal situation for toll bypass.

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Toll Bypass using "Redirecting Number"

In most cases yes, but ours its not. Our carrier is setup to bill based off the ANI or redirecting number (Easier to bill departments for us) so the carrier will drop any LD calls that do no have a valid ANI or RDN.

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Re: Toll Bypass using "Redirecting Number"

Then you have no easy solution, because CUCM will not set RDN in lieu of ANI, unless there is actually a redirection happening.

The 'not so easy way' would be using a TCL/IVR script, custom developed.g

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