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Toll Bypass


I have an issue regarding toll bypass.

I have 2 clusters: Cluster 1 and Cluster 2.

Sites that are on Cluster 1 are:A,B,C and

on Cluster 2 are X,Y,Z. Both the cluster are communication through intercluster trunk.

What I want to do is to make a PSTN call to site c on cluster 1 from site z on cluster 2, but that call should go through as a local call.

Traditionally if I place the call from site z to site c it'll be an international call, but I want to avoid that toll charge.

If anyone has configured it, please help me out. I have H.323 Gateways.



Re: Toll Bypass

on culster z creat a group contain Z PSTN gateway

put it in a partition access able through the ICT (interculster trunk CSS)

and make a route list called list Z include the route group u have just created


make a route pattren that match the digits will be dialed by C phones and make the route list as listz

on ur cluster 1

creat a route pattern same and the pattern similer to the one u created on cluster 2

but this one in the route list chose ur inter cluster trunk pointing o the culster two

and u have to have the right send digists and also the right dial-peers on the h323 gateway

this is the exact idea

make sure from the partitions and CSS for calls between two clusters and the gateway

good luck

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