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Tomcat Services on Unity Servers

Hi All,

I have a setup where we are running unity 4.5 version.

So just want to know do we really need Tomcat services to be running on unity server.

Why it is required and if its not running then what will be the impact?

Also what all are the minimum exchange services that needs to be run on Unity.

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Re: Tomcat Services on Unity Servers

The Cisco PCA (Personal Communications Assistant) application is based on a Java app that runs via Tomcat.  No Tomcat = no PCA.  Generally, you should leave the Exchange services alone.  You need to refer to the Security guide for your version of Cisco Unity and it will outline which services can be stopped without issue.


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Re: Tomcat Services on Unity Servers

There's nothing wrong with a little curiosity, but are you looking to turn off "non-essential" services on your Unity server???

Re: Tomcat Services on Unity Servers

Check this. This is the official list of startup service activations for Unity 4x.

They don't change much between versions of 4x. They change a bit with Windows 2003 installed. Exchange should generally be left as-is unless the guide states differently. If you run Exchange on-box, then the services need to run just like any other Exchange box.


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