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Tone on Hold when connected to an MCU

I am hoping someone can help me with this particular problem.

I have a training group that connects to a cisco MCU for training. They have the problem where during the training a person would place the phone on hold and the MOH would block out the conversation. I have learned from the forum how to disable MOH by changing the default network & user hold audio source id. My issue is that they have a request to still have a beep or tone on hold when a person goes on hold. I am able to get a tone on hold during a regular call but when going through the MCU the TOH is surpressed. I tried changing the suppress MOH to conference bridge selection to false but that had no effect.

Any suggestions on this topic?

Thanks in advance for the help.


Re: Tone on Hold when connected to an MCU

The Cisco Audio Message Utility is an interactive GUI that enables you to record and replace messages and upload new messages to the call routing mechanisms in Cisco devices.

Each Cisco device has a built-in set of audio messages. The default messages are in English. The Cisco Audio Message Utility allows you to record new messages in a different language or with different content to suit your requirements. The Cisco Audio Message Utility also enables you to replace and upload new messages to the target Cisco device.

There are two ways of using the Cisco Audio Message Utility. The standard utility functions enable you to play, record or replace messages. The Express Setup guides you through the recording, replacing and upload procedure for each of the voice messages.


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