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Transfer over ICT problem

Hi, i have a little problem with some transfe call, the scenario is this:

i have 2 cluster CCM, the calls between them is established good in g.729, when one of the sides want to transfer the call to an external number (cel or lical, over pstn) when put transfer botton, the call with the other cluster is disconnected,

the 2 ccm cluster version is

thanks for any help .


Cisco Employee

Re: Transfer over ICT problem

Seems like you might be having a problem establishing media... you may require a transcoder to be configured depending on the regions configured and what the devices support in the way of codecs.


Re: Transfer over ICT problem

Just throwing it out there but if you have the know-how to run detailed traces do so while attempting to complete the transfer and you should see CallManager search the assigned DP->MRGL (if assigned) for transcoding resources (as Matt said) and then eventually fail and release the call.  If that's the case it's more than likely a transcoding issue.

If you have available DSPs in your head-end gateways make sure they exist in an MRG/L accessible to the DPs of both the phones and trunks (on both sides).

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