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transfer script problem

Hi! I'm having a problem with using standard tcl app-h450-transfer. tcl script. A customer has a network of vpn-connected gateways, sometimes with local pbx, sometimes with just local fxs attached phones and analog pstn lines. We need that after receiving pstn call an analog phone could transfer it to a phone on the same gateway. I've made a script that receives pstn calls and works as simple acd browsing through local phones to pick the call, that works as expected. I also attached h450 script to all local phones' pots dial-peers, but they can only transfer between themselves (locally originated calls). If call comes from pstn - bad luck. There is even no dial-peer matching opposed to locally originated call transfer. Silence. Has anyone had such an experience? I've tried modifying h450 script, it's really huge and built for lots of scenarios and thus hard to figure out, tried enabling hairpinning and other things - nothing. In famous "tclivr.pdf" doc they talk about "The file on the Developer Support Central page" which should shed light on building custom transfer scripts, but it looks like it has been replaced with modern uccx scripts and such things. Maybe someone still has this rarity or has a clue?

Thanks in advance.

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