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transfer-system full-consult vs transfer-system full-blind


I had CME configured with blind call transfers. I have changed the call transfer to consultative. My E164 number range is 8 digit starting with 5, assume 5xxxxxxx. The internal 4 digit numbering plan starts with a 4, assume 4xxx. I also have pots dial-peer to a remote site with destination pattern 5xxx. The dial-peer prefixes the necessary digits for the PSTN requirement to make the experience transparent for the callers.

So far the call transfers to internal callers was working fine. As soon as i changed the call transfer from blind to consultative, it stopped working. Debug Q931 shows that the call is trying to go out to the PSTN. I can see that when the internal phone wants to transfer the call to another internal phone by dialing the 4 digit extension, the full E164 number matches the dial-peer 5xxx and CME tries to send the call out to the PSTN. I made a num-exp from 5xxxxxxx to 4xxx but that doesn't seem to work.

I am extremely confused as why was this working with blind transfer and not with consultative transfer. Should it not be the same? And if not what should I do to fix this?

Thanks in advance for the help.



Re: transfer-system full-consult vs transfer-system full-blind

this num-exp from 5xxxxxxx to 4xxx

will match the 5XXXXXX and keep the last three disgits from left and pepend 4 to it

if u want to revers the trnaslation u need one in revers like


but the number for digit will be kept here?

if u dial 51111111 will be

51114111 !!!

u might need translation pattren


/4(\...)\/ /511111\1/

this if u apply it for called number on a dial peer

will remove the 4 and prepend 511111 to the last there dialed digits

good luck

by the way i am not sure but i suspect u have problem with translation but not sure

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Re: transfer-system full-consult vs transfer-system full-blind


I have been able to narrow down the 'problem' a bit more. It not necessarily a design problem but has become a call routing problem for my scenario.

The dialplan-pattern configuration on the CME is expanding the 4 digits dialled to convert the called number to full 8 digits E164 number. This E164 number starts to match the dial-peer which starts with 5 (5xxx) and tries to route the call. When I changed the dial-peer not to match the first digits of the full E164 number, the transfer started to work.

So the coding of the CME is expanding the dialled 4 digits to full E164 number and matching the dial-peer (if it finds a match) and routing the call. If it does not find a good matching dial-peer it reprocesses the digits and finally rings the internal number and the transfer can go ahead.

My issue now is how to have the internal extension ring before the call matches the outbound dial-peer. I tried making a dial-peer to twist the call internally pointing to the loopback interface but that didn't work. I tried both full E164 number and the 4 digit extension. Interesting thing is that I gave this dial-peer highest preference but this doesn't seem to work as well. Maybe I still don't understand the concept of looping the calls internally very well at the moment.

I am still curious as why this is working with CME configured for blind transfer and not with consultative transfer?

Thanks again for looking into this.


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