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Transfer to VM

I a customer requirement which I need help on

They have a feature from an Avaya PABX where a user can just enter a two digit code to transfer a call into VM

Caller A rings User B

User B has CFNA to User C

User C answer and enters the two digit code and Caller A is transferred in User B`s VM

User B & C  are DN`s terminating on dealing system

Avaya>>>>>> Avaya analogue ports- terminating on dealing  system

I can get the same feature to work by moving User B&C from the dealing  system and giving them cisco phones then ask them to use  IDivert however they want to  remain on the dealing system

We are mirgating them from avaya to cisco but the other system will remain

Cisco>>>>>analogue vg224>>>>DN`s terminating on another system

Cisco>>>>>qsig>>>Other system

The issue is not whether we use VG`s or we use Qsig but with the transfer to VM. They do not want to enter any further digits so I can not use the CTI RP method either. Basically they want to transfer Caller A to VM and for the transfer to keep the original User B

We are moving to Unity Coneciton but not yet 



Transfer to VM

Since the user B is the original called number then one the call transferred to user C and user C forward the callnto VM/unity connection and user A has a vm box then it will be sent to user A vm box ?


Transfer to VM


User A is the extenal caller  so the VM  users are B and C. USer C is the last person to answer Caller A and wishes to transfer the call to User B`s VM by just tranfer +VM pilot DN

Transfer to VM

But the above works with CFNA however if your customer wants manual transfer then this is do able but you need to make some complex design

How many DNs need this

How they want to divert to vm


Transfer to VM

I know it works with  CFNA but we need it to work after the call has been answered which is why I first sugested IDIVERT howwever the User B& C will not be on cisco handset  but on the dealing  system. I`m thinking of the forward setting on QSIG but can not work out which one- out system is production so can only do things on a weekend

Re: Transfer to VM

If you gonna use unity connection you can create a call handler to b associated with user B vm box

Give the call handler a number let's say 1000

Create a cti in cucm with number 1000 and CFA to vm

Any one wants to transfer the call to user B vm box they can transfer the call to number 1000

Make sure this number routed from the other system ti cucm

Hope this help

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