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Transferred call logs

Hi All,

Whenever we receive any incoming call, it has to go through the main reception and would then get  transferred to our extn.

Once the call gets transferred, can continue the call and also can see the incoming call number on the phone display.

But once we hangs up the phone , if we check the logs its not showing up in the received calls list.

For example, B is getting call from A and then B is transferring that call to C. C is able to see incoming call no. on the phone display but once hang up the call, call details are not coming in the received calls list.

Please let me know, if any possibilities to get this option on phone logs.


Transferred call logs

Is this happening only to incoming calls ? transferred incoming calls ? or also with outgoing calls from those phones ?

Is it happening with all the phones or only few ?

If few ( not all ) What is the phone model & firmware version in it ?

What is the CUCM/CME version ?


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