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Translate from 3 Digits to 4 Digits

This seems like it could be incredibly simply and yet I've been having some issues making it work.

Currently our UCM environment is set up to receive 4 digits from most of our PRIs across multiple gateways.  One of the new installs we're doing currently has a PRI that is only sending us 3 digits.

Therefore, I'd like to accept the 3 digit inbound call and route it appropriately.

We had originally set up the Translation Pattern to to match "9280." and then Discard digits pre-dot and reroute to a CCX trigger.

The carrier is only sending us the "280" so I rewrote the Translation Pattern to match "280." and then do the same.  However, that doesn't seem to work.

Is there something I'm missing here that I should be doing as well?

Thanks in advance!


Re: Translate from 3 Digits to 4 Digits

Most likely the issue has to do with multiple things.

But first of all, if you want 4 digits, why not just have the gateway prepend what you need?

Second thing, make sure that the gateway can SEE the partition containing the CTI ports (the UCCX call control group) in its calling search space.  If it can't, you will have issues like this.  Make sure that the CTI Ports partition is in the CSS for the gateway...if not, add it and retest.

This is a fairly common problem that comes up when you have to have a separate call search space on a gateway to address digit manipulation requirements.

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Re: Translate from 3 Digits to 4 Digits

I've confirmed that the CSS for the gateway can see the partition for the CTI route point.  So I think that's okay.  I wish I were able to test with 4 digits to see if the issue was related to a calling privilege problem.

If I wanted to test by having the gateway prepend the leading digit is that configured under the Gateway > PRI > Calling Routing Information - Inbound - Prefix DN"?  I've never done that before.

Re: Translate from 3 Digits to 4 Digits

That's exactly how you do it.  It will then prefix all the numbers it gets in over the PRI with whatever you put in there.

This is a dumb question, but since I can't see your this gateway and the UCCX server local to each other?  UCCX cannot speak G729 by default, so if you're using a low bandwidth codec, you must have transcoders available for it so that it hits the server as G711.

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Re: Translate from 3 Digits to 4 Digits

What protocol are you using for the gateway: MGCP, H.323, or SIP?

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Re: Translate from 3 Digits to 4 Digits

It is MGCP.

Re: Translate from 3 Digits to 4 Digits


In this case, then you can follow the advice Clifford provided (+5 Clifford). You can prefix the "9" so that your standard translations still apply.  As an alternate approach, you could also create a separate CSS for your new gateway (the 3-digit deal) and create a new translation that applies the appropriate rules. Though, this may get hairy.  Finally, you could actually ask your carriers to give you more digits.  This would be my preferred route. Actually, my preference for any site in the NANP would be to provision circuits to extend 10-digits and then use translations to truncate.  Then you can have one, uniform dial plan rule for calls originated externally. It would make life easier in the long run but building modularity directly into the design. Of course, at this point you may find the tactical approach of prefixing a DN at the ingress gateway easier to manage.



HTH -Bill (b) (t) @ucguerrilla

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