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Translation Pattern Alternate match

Okay I have a scenerio where I am transitioning a site from an old TDM phone system to cisco.

DN's are 8 digit where the first 4 represent the site code.

Lets say the old legacy system is 1111xxxx and the new is 2222xxxx, intrasite dialing is 4 digit.

The problem is the execs that have been transitioned to the new system are not happy with dialing 8 digits to get folks on the legacy system. So the 4 digit translation on the cisco says [1-6]xxx and then prefixes with 2222

I have put a [1-6]xxx with a 1111 prefix in a lower partition in the calling search space in hopes that the cisco will look for say extension 2222-1000 in its local partition but if it doesnt find it then it changes it to 1111-1000 and sends it to the older system. Thus allowing 4 digit dialing between systems.

problem is that it doesnt work. It always matches the first translation and then waves off when that DN doesnt exist and never goes to the alternate match.....How do I make it hit that second match?

(a lot of hoops to jump through for 4 digits, I know)


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Translation Pattern Alternate match

You need to break which extensions are on which system and build specific translations/route patterns. If you want the Cisco to be default (you need to pick default side) you can use the [1-6]xxx for that, but to reach the extensions on legacy side you will need more explicit matches. No way around it.



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