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Translation Pattern Pointing to CTI route point (IPCC)


I'm trying to map incoming 7 digit PSTN number (e.g. 7654321) to a 4 digit CTI route point (e.g. 5555). CTI route point is associated with JTAPIuser and used in IPCC.

I'm trying to do it with Translation Pattern.

I've created Translation Pattern with "Pattern" field equal to the 7 digit PSTN number 7654321. "Partition" and "CSS" fields are the same than for a desired CTI route point.

Field "Called number transform mask" is set to the 4 digit CTI route point number 5555.

But entire scheme doesn't work.

From IP phone I can dial 5555 and all works fine but when I'm trying to dial 7654321 an error occurs.

From debugs on a VoIP gateway I can see then "Unallocated number" returns to PSTN.

I can manipulate with dialled number on a VoIP gateway (convert 7654321 to 5555) but it's not a preferable solution.

What can be the root of the issue and what debugs must be turned ON on CCM ?

May be entire scheme is wrong?

P.S. CCM - 4.1.3, IPCC - 7.0.


Re: Translation Pattern Pointing to CTI route point (IPCC)

Is the 7 digit number a DID number belonging to you? What digits does the telco send you?

Assuming the telco is sending you the 7 digits this should work. I am wondering about your partition and CSS. The partition needs to be one that the gateway CSS handling the incoming call contains. For testing from your IP phone it also needs to be included in the CSS that is assigned to your phone. The CSS assigned to the translation pattern needs to be one that includes the partition that the CTI route point belongs to.

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