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Translation pattern question

Good afternoon - I had an urgent request to forward a number out of our DID pool to a satellite phone, which I was attempting to do with a translation pattern. When that didn't work, I tried setting that DID up as a regular DN, but not assigning it to a phone, and configuring the CFWALL to forward to the international number, making sure the cfw partition is set to all international calls.... Is there an easy way to do this? Other than configuring that number on a phone of course and doing a good old-fashioned CFWall.

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You can create a CTI Route

You can create a CTI Route Point and assign it an extension.  Translate the DID to that extension and within the CTI route point, cfwd all to the Satellite phone number.

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Troy - I have a workaround

Troy - I have a workaround configured temporarily, but I will try your suggestion as well. Thanks!



When you configured the TP,

When you configured the TP, did you assign the correct CSS and the called number mask as the satellite phone number?
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Yes, I ensured that I had the

Yes, I ensured that I had the correct CSS and number mask. As a quick fix, I put an extension on the employees phone, and created a temporary cfw CSS with international calling capabilities and forwarded all calls to the satellite phone number.




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