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Translation Pattern stuck in database

I am running CM 4.2(3)

A few weeks ago I removed a translation pattern "8509". It crashed my browser session at the time but when I got back in and did a subsequent search for it the translation pattern was no longer listed so I assumed it was gone.

Today I had to go and add the same translation pattern again. Problem is it gives an error saying

"There is already an existing directory number or pattern using the selected Partition, Route Filter combination.

Please create a unique entry. Check your Route Pattern, Translation Pattern, Directory Number, Call Park Number, Directed Call Park Number, Call Pickup Number or Meetme number to find the duplicate number of pattern."

I have verified the number is not in use elsewhere so I "think" the original record never got fully removed from the database.

How can I get rid of it so I can recreate the pattern?


P.S. I will reward any helpful posts! :)

New Member

Re: Translation Pattern stuck in database

Please disregard... problem solved.

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