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Translation Pattern !!!

hi guys,

I have confusion about the Role of Partitions and Calling Search Space at Translation Pattern while call routing ...

as per my understanding about Partition in Route Pattern, only those users will access a Route Pattern who would the same partition (which is selected in Route Pattern) in there CSS ..

so about Translation Pattern how we should consider Paritions and CSS while call routing ....

i go through the Admin guides of CCM but the way of call routing and role of Partitions & CSS for Translation Pattern are not defined ..

can any one explain me in a bit detail...



Re: Translation Pattern !!!

When translation pattern is matched it invokes new call routing request for translated pattern. Partition in translation pattern limits devices can reach it (device need CSS contains this partition). CSS specifies the entries of call-routing table that the translation pattern is allowed to see for new call routing request after translation.

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New Member

Re: Translation Pattern !!!

You should note that translation patterns will be matched first. So if you have a tranlation pattern for 101 and a DN for 101, you will always hit the translation pattern first.

CSS and partition can be confusing at first, but it's really quite simple. Your CSS has a list of partitions that you can call. If you're trying to call a number that is contained in a partition that isn't listed in your CSS, you won't be able to call it.

New Member

Re: Translation Pattern !!!


Thanks for your reply. Partitions and CSS of TP is quite understandable for me ...

now for incoming calls and about the Inbound CSS that is avialable in Gateway !!!!how to utilize that !!!

one of my friend told me that for incoming calls the partition which is at Translation Pattern that must be in Inbound CSS which is selected at Gateway, & what ever the DN has Partition that partition should be in the selected CSS of Translation Pattern ???? is this the way incoming call reaches till phone ????

can any one tell me the flow of incoming call once it reach CCM , what i mean to ask is once the call reaches from Voice Gateway to CCM how it reaches to the phone & phone rings ???? does it has to pass through the translation pattern if yes then how would be the selection of Partitions and CSS will happen ????


Re: Translation Pattern !!!


Your friend is correct. Bascially you would assign an incoming calling search space to your voice gateway. In this calling search space should be the partition of the translation pattern that you are trying to reach. Once the call hits the translation pattern and translates the digits, the partition of the translated number needs to be in the calling search space of the translation pattern.

You only need to use translation patterns if the digits sent to you from the service provider do not match the extensions in your internal dialplan.

Example: Service Provider sends you digits in the 5XXX range, and your internal extensions are in the 1XXX range. In this scenario, the translation pattern would be called 5XXX, and the translated digits would be 1XXX.

Hope that helped, if so please rate.

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