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translation-rules inquire

hi all,

i've configured CCME on 1of my customer having 1PRI with outgoing or incoming calls working i am configuring CCME on 2nd customer,all configuration were same except of extensions or numbers,prob which i face on 2nd customer is this that outgoing or incoming call were not working,then i change the pattern of translation-rule&by chance it start to work properly!!

now im confused that both customer has same scenario&all configurations are same except of extension then why previous way of translation-rule didnt work here!!some one told me its because of PRI, so can any one tell me how should we diagnose that which way we should configure translation-rule exactly according to PRI ..what are debugs commands for it



Re: translation-rules inquire

Hi Nasry, I suspect the issue is due to the number of digits that the telco is sending. Ordinarily you will stipulate how many digits for DID you require, if you don't then they may send you more.

It is not a problem, you simply will have to create translation-patterns to translate say for example 6 six digits to your 4 digit dial-plan, as you may done in your case.

If you run a 'debug isdn q931' you will see the incoming call setup, and will see exactly how many digit the carrier is sending in the Called number.

Hope this helps.


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Re: translation-rules inquire

hi allan,

once again thank for your time and reply :-) well its great that you give an tip that i should look on debug of isdn q931 and watever the number is coming i should configure translation rule according to that !!!

ok this debug will work if i would have PRI over TDM !! what if i have PRI over IP ??actually today i went with one of my friend to a customer they had PRI over IP which was terminating on fastethernet interface with a public IP, not PRI or E1 card, so on that probably there we cant take debug of ISDN q931,so how should i diagnose in this case !!!

one more Question that in voice translation-profile, translate called means the call from PSTN to IP Phone or from IP Phone to PSTN !! i'v confusion on difference between translate called or calling number..


Cisco Employee

Re: translation-rules inquire

run a debug voip ccapi inout to find the call info

translate called means modify DNIS

translate calling means modify ANI

depends on the direction of the call but it's always that way



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