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Translations on inbound call

I have a group of users who receive multiple hunt group calls from different external numbers. The external numbers are toll-free numbers which ring to local #'s that are DIDs on the PRI going into CUE 4.2. Each toll-free number is for a specific marketing campaign.

I'm trying to determine if there is a way for me to translate those inbound calls in a certain way so that the users in the various hunt groups know what phone # the calls came in on, and thus can answer the phone in a specific way. The translation can be to a unique # displayed on the phone, or a text label.

Right now, whenever you call the toll-free or local #'s, the CLID of the outbound caller comes through on the display on the phone, which doesn't let the users know what external toll-free was called.

I realize this is where IPCC Express would work well, but there's no money in the budget for it.

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Re: Translations on inbound call

Are you using CME? If so the command is " service dnis dir-lookup" under telephony-service, and "directory entry" to define the dnis number itself.

Hope this helps, please rate post if it does!

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Re: Translations on inbound call

I am using CME. I read the reference guide for "service dnis dir-lookup". Since I am using a toll-free number, which rings to a local DID on my CME, I would specify the DID as the number that is looked up using directory entry?

ex: If toll free # is 800-111-2222 which rings to 407-333-4444, my entry would be:

directory entry 1 4073334444 name TollFree1 (I receive 10 digits)

This above setting would cause the phone to display "TollFree1" anytime soneone called the toll-free number, as opposed to that calling users CLID showing?

And, then, since I want to use this in a hunt group, I can do something like the following:

ephone hunt 1 longest-idle

pilot 5555, secondary 4073334444

list 1000, 1001, 1002

final 1003

This would cause the CME to see the call which came in to 4073334444 and match it to ephone hunt 1, and display on the phone "TollFree1", instead of the caller ID from the person calling in?

Right now I use num-exp to route the local call to the right hunt group. So for the above example, I have:

num-exp 4073334444 5555

Would I need to remove this num-exp setting? If I did, then could I set the "pilot" for the huntgroup to 4073334444 and not use a secondary assignment?

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