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Trouble doing Conferncing on VG248

I have a Police dispatch that has a Anolog connection (via VG248) from thier dispatch terminal connection
6 different DIDs from a Cisco Call Manager system running 6.1, in addition the same DIDs
are terminated on a Cisco 7960 phone.

At some point the user has lost the ability to conference phones using the Analog connection
we have tried the two different methods with the hookflash, and then the # codes but it does not
seem to work, is there a problem being able to do this with a line that is mirrored on
the anolog and IP phone?

VG248 version info?:
Software version : 1.3(2)ES3
DSP firmware version : 3.6(25C)
Loader version : 1.0(1)

Cisco Employee

Re: Trouble doing Conferncing on VG248

We'd need more information to diagnose this.

How far are they getting in this procedure?  Do they get secondary dial-tone off the hookflash?  If so, I'd anticipate the issue is with the bridge itself or the MRGL assigned to the endpoint.

If the HF isn't returning secondary dial-tone, either the DN doesn't enough channels configured on it, or the HF is failing to be recognized as an interesting event.

You could always try temporially assigning a different DN to the port if you suspect the issue is with the DN.

Community Member

Re: Trouble doing Conferncing on VG248

the caller gets a second dial tone, and can get the other party on the line, just cant seem to join them at all, keeps switching between them.

the max numbers of calls is set to 2

the busy trigger is set to 1

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