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Trouble with outbound calling party number transformation


I am trying to configure a way for us to pass certain digits out to the PSTN while keeping a specific external phone number mask defined for each of our users' line DNs.

For example -- we have the following pattern defined on each user's line DN:


However, for outbound caller ID to work with the PSTN (this number range resides in Germany), we need to be sure we are passing the following pattern of digits to our telco:


So, in essence, we just need to remove the leading 0 before sending this out to the PSTN.

I haven't had any luck configuring the calling party transformation pattern, in forcing the leading 0 out of the equation. All that I'm doing now is matching the first pattern, and then transforming to the second pattern, listed above.

As an aside, we are making sure to send "National" as the Calling Party Number Type, and "Unknown" as the Calling Party Numbering Plan, defined on our MGCP gateway. This makes sure that the telco can understand the digits we are sending, and thus properly pass our outbound caller ID to the called party.

Anyway, I'm not even sure if I'm approaching this the right way... but please, if anyone has any ideas, let me know.

Thanks very much for your help in advance!

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Trouble with outbound calling party number transformation

Hi Michael,

so, let me repeat to be sure I understand your problem correctly:

Your directory numbers are in this format f.ex. 061515439123

Your provider need your numbers in this format: 61515439XXX and national/unknown as type/plan.

So this should works easily with calling number transformation patterns. I would try this first:

Use Calling Party's External Phone Number Mask: unchecked

I think you need following pattern:         0.61515439XXX

Discard Digit Instructions:                    PreDot

Calling Line ID Presentation:                allowed (or default)

Calling Party Number Type:                  national

Calling Party Numbering Plan:              unknown

At the other hand take a look, if calling number transf. partition is in the correct calling number transf. CSS.

Then check, if the transf. CSS is correct at E1 interface of your pstn-gateway at section

"Call Routing Information - Outbound Calls" Calling Party Transf. CSS" and uncheck "Use Device Pool Calling Party Transformation CSS".


Greetings, Chris

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