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Troubleshooting 5.1 replication to subscriber?

I have a 5.1.3 subscriber that isn't taking changes (ie cfa on line) but publisher reports no issues. How do I troubleshoot this? Can I view change notifications without opening a tac case? If so how?

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Re: Troubleshooting 5.1 replication to subscriber?

5.1.3 has issues with replication not working. I'd suggest opening TAC case and asking for the ES release of 5.1.3.

The ES release should also fix some other bugs/errors in the system such as call-forward settings now showing in CCMUser.

Use the unified reporting portal on the publisher and subscriber in particular the DB status report - compare the results.


Re: Troubleshooting 5.1 replication to subscriber?

Hi Jason,

First we need to check the replication status

utils dbreplication status

In RTMT use Perfomance counters and see that replication counter is set to 2.

If Informix DB is fine we can check DBmon and CCM

Unified Reporting Tool if available in your version is a great tool (Its an option for Admin, serviciability, OS, and DRF)

Which version of 5.1(3) you are using?

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