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trunk DNs not showing as busy

I have configured my UC520 in hybrid mode with some phone having buttons for DNs configured as trunks and other phones having to dial "9" to get a line. With this setup if an phone configured with a trunk DN picks up the line all other ephones using this same DN show the DN as busy. However, when a phone that dials "9" takes a line the phones with the trunk DN do not show it as busy. Is there a way I can get the buttons with the trunks show as busy when they are in use via a phone that dialed "9" to get out?




Re: trunk DNs not showing as busy

The outbound behavior should be the same in both 4.x and 5.x, however, the inbound behavior has change to allow multiple SIP

Trunks per port. If you are *NOT* using Route lists, source IP Address of an outbound SIP trunk call will the be the first CCM in the CCM group associated to the trunk Device Pool.

- If you are using route lists, the source IP address will be the the CCM to whom the RL is registered to - Not sure if this is woking as designed or it is a bug.

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Re: trunk DNs not showing as busy

Sorry but I don't understand your reply. We are not using SIP. We have FXO analog trunks. My aim is simply for the trunk to show as busy when it is in use. Right now it only happens when a user with a button/DN for the trunk hits the button. If a user dials "9" then the button/DN assigned to the trunk does not show as busy. Of course since it is in use if the user presses the button then he gets a busy signal.

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