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UC 500 - CLI for outgoing calls

Could anybody confirm that the number field under the ephone-dn is used to populate the CLI field for an outgoing Q931 call? I'm having difficulties using different CLI values for different phones and I want to double check I'm manipulating the correct field.

For example, in the ephone-dn below should I see 01234 123456 as the CLI?

ephone-dn 21 dual-line

number 01234 123456 secondary 212

label 01234 123456

description Desk Twelve

name Desk Twelve

call-forward busy 100

call-forward noan 100 timeout 10



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Re: UC 500 - CLI for outgoing calls

Typical, as soon as I post something I find the answer. I need to focus on the dial plan a little more and look at my translation-rule statements I now see:

voice translation-rule 1111

rule 15 /.*/ /01234 123456/



voice translation-profile OUTGOING_TRANSLATION_PROFILE

translate calling 1111

translate called 1112

Can I simply remove the translate calling statement?

I'm not 100% sure how the DNs need to be configured yet as each phone will have a DDI when logged in via EM.


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Re: UC 500 - CLI for outgoing calls

Yes, basically you use the translation rules to present the correct calling number.

The alternative is to use "dialplan-pattern" but I don't like it very much beside it causes issues with the CUE if you have it.

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Re: UC 500 - CLI for outgoing calls

Thnaks, I sorted this today so now it's working fine.

I did have a quick go at trying a translation profile on the ephone-dn for the outgoing CLI but it didn't seem to work. It was along the lines of:

ephone-dn 8 dual-line

number 504 no-reg primary

label 504

description abc

name abc

translation-profile outgoing TRANSLATE-CLI

but I never got any match against the CLI for the outgoing call. Am I missing anything here?



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Re: UC 500 - CLI for outgoing calls

I've seen images where translation-profile under ephone-dn simply doesn't work.

Try to have it under dial-peer or voice-port as long as possible.

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