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UC servers have no network connectivity, when ESXi's network flips.


We have a big problem, that I can't understand could possible happen.

We have setup some c210 and c200 UCS servers running ESXi and the hole range of UC servers running as VM in the ESXi servers.

ESXi is 4.1 Update1

UC VM servers is CUCM 8.6, UCCX 8.5, UC 8.6, Presence 8.6.

The situations is:

All c210 & c200 server is connecte to the same switch. We flip the power from the switch, and after it's up again we can fine reach the ESXi server, but non of the VM have network connectivity anymore.

We can log into the consol of the UC servers and try to ping, but can't ping anything. Not even between to 2 UC's on the same the ESXi server and on the same vSwitch.

Only if we do a reboot of the virtual UC servers, do they regain connectivity.

This is a major problem!!

All 12 UCS servers i our "pre-deployment" server setup did the same. Tried the same once more, with only 2 of them, and then only on the one of them  the VM lost connectivity.

I have also seen it happen with a costumer, on a live system. But at that time, i didn't know what had excatly happend. There I only had to quickly reestablish the network connectivity, and the restart of the Vm's did that.

So have any of you seen this happen elsewhere? I can't imagine that no one else haven't expirenced this. Or is it just us, that can't setup ESXi right?

ESXi isn't that hard, so I doub't it.


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