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UC500 and 7931 Speed dial assistance

I have a customer who purchased a uc500 and 7931 phones and would like to have half of the 23 lines setup for speed dial, I was wondering if there was a document that shows how to change the phone button template on those phones, and also, can the user set them up or does it have to be done by the Admin?


Re: UC500 and 7931 Speed dial assistance

The phone button template can be changed with this:


To configure a fixed set of line or feature buttons in an ephone-template which can then be applied to a supported IP phone in Cisco Unified CME, use the button-layout set command in ephone-template configuration mode. To disable the feature buttons set and change the action of the buttons on IP phones, use the no form of this command.

button-layout phone-type {1 | 2}

no button-layout

Syntax Description


Type of IP phone. The following choices are valid:

•7931-Cisco Unified IP Phone 7931.


Number of fixed line or feature set containing the following buttons:

•Button 24-Menu.

•Button 23-Headset.


Number of fixed line or feature set containing the following buttons:

•Button 24-Menu.

•Button 23-Headset.

•Button 22-Directories.

•Button 21-Messages.

Command Default

No fixed set of line or feature buttons are defined.

We had one on our test UC500, and we managed to assign speed dials, but it starts at the first empty button and assigns them sequentially, and you can't have any gaps - we had something on button 24, and our speed dials would not assign until we removed that.

ephone 1

speed-dial 1 xxxx label Joe Schmoe

The phone user guide gives instructions on how a user might assign their own speed dials, if it is allowed - it does not say when that might be, and we did not try it, but here is the part in the guide that discusses it:

Program Personal Speed-Dial Buttons

Your system administrator can assign speed dial numbers to your phone. You may not be able to program every speed dial number.

To program personal speed-dial buttons, use the following method:

1. Select an available phone line by lifting the handset, by pressing the NewCall soft key, or by pressing a line button. Listen for the dial tone.

2. Press the pound key (#).

3. Press the speed-dial button that you want to program. A short beep confirms that you are starting to program this button.

4. Enter the speed-dial number. The digits appear on the phone display. Use the backspace (<<) soft key to erase digits that were entered incorrectly.

To remove a speed-dial number without replacing it with a new one, press the pound key (#).

5. Press the same speed-dial button a second time to indicate that you have finished entering the speed-dial digits and to store the new speed-dial number.

6. To continue, press a new speed-dial button and repeat the process. Hang up the handset to finish.

Mary Beth

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Re: UC500 and 7931 Speed dial assistance

Thanks for the reply!

Let me understand this correctly, if I use the command:

button-layout phone-type {1 | 2}

this will either give us either of the 2 above choices. I'm not sure if I understand what you said about the speed dials, are you saying that I would not be able to use the button-layout command since this would now put these predefined keys selection at the top? What I want is to have there phone lines on the first 6 lines and the rest of the lines be speed dials. Is that possiable? Can I just create a template for that? I guess that's were I'm confused about and have that Call Manager mentality still, since I don't see to many CME.


Re: UC500 and 7931 Speed dial assistance

Sorry, it is confusing. All the template does is give you those features on those buttons at the top - the default is nothing is assigned anywhere, and all the buttons are free to be assigned to whatever. The issue with the speed dials is that you can't pick where they go, they just autoassign starting with the next open button. We had not used a button layout, but had assigned a line to line 24, and also lines 1-9, and the speed dials would not assign to the free buttons until we removed the cofig for line 24, they would not fill in a gap. However, the template may be a way to get around that, which would be nice, but we did not test that.

Mary Beth

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